Satellite Network Solutions for mobile,
remote, and emergency situations.
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Company Mission Statement

We define "culture" as knowing what you need to do when you get up in the morning without having to be told what to do.

A good strategy perfectly executed will beat a great strategy poorly executed every time.

The core of our Vision and our strategy is "cross-selling solutions"...The more we give our customers what they need, the more we know about their business requirements. The more we know about their other Financial and budget needs, the easier it is for them to bring us more of their business. The more business they do with us, the better value they receive, thus the more loyal they are.

At Carolina Sat Net Solutions, sales and service are inseparable. More sales do not always lead to better service, but better service will almost always lead to more sales. Money is a commodity, therefore we are a Services based Business.

We share ideas, give ideas and search for the best ideas across our Company. We don't resist a good idea simply because "it wasn't invented here." We're are always searching across the technology industry for the single best way to do something by adopting it, and integrating it wherever it applies... It's not the strongest or most intelligent who survive in our industry, but those who best adapt to change.

Our Customer enjoy a one stop shop for hardware, installation, service, training, end to end network solutions and support.

The key to the bottom line is the top line. ... If we had to select only one goal, it would be in revenue growth.

We believe shareholders come last. If we do what's right for our team members, customers and communities, then - and only then - will our shareholders see us as a great investment.

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